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On 4/12/2022 at 1:53 PM, Vanish said:

Noticed a new batch of guppies in the "BAP" guppy tank. Yay.

Things are just trucking along. Not a lot of time at the moment due to life.

Gets a bit wild in the 90 when I'm gone for a couple weeks.


Spouse's 4' paludarium grows a 5 gallon bucket's worth of trim every 2 weeks.


Luckily, the hardscape guarantees at least a few open swimming areas stay open as swimming areas.

Your tank is gorgeous!!!


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Got a little time to give some updates this morning. No photos as none of the timers are on yet.

75G - Some of my cory cats came down with a case of ich a few weeks back. This tank has only a sponge filter on it, so I guess I've been slacking on my water changes since we had the baby. I moved them to a QT, boosted heat, salt and air, and they recovered quickly. Strange to me that it was only half of them, and the other fish have been fine. There's some amazing BBA on the cholla that would make @eatyourpeas jealous.

90g - This tank has been doing great, making plants for me to sell every few weeks, until a couple weeks ago. Thing started to look a bit sadder with a lot of stray leaves and continued to worsen. Then the lightbulb went off in my head. When was the last time you filled the co2 tank? Yeah, duh! It is already bouncing back, having caught it just in time to keep from completely losing anything.

150g - My ancient giant danios have finally moved on. The turquoise and australian rainbows are getting some good size on them, but the tank looks a little sparse. I may move my sunset dwarf group in so I can use that 29g for a new batch of fish, but I get nervous because the overflow on this tank tends to eat new fish. Once they've survived the first week, they're usually good, but that first week, ugh. I would like to breed the sunsets first to establish a backup supply  😂 Alternatively, my cull angels would be a good fit as this is a tall tank, but I've had terrible luck with angels in here. I think it is the flow rate, but not sure.

Madagascar Rainbows - They're continuing to grow. I will move them from a 10g to a 20g soon, as I think they'll enjoy the extra space.

Super Red BN Plecos - I supplied 70 of them for the CAS growth contest. That left me 35 of that clutch which will go to an LFS in another month, plus ~100 of the next clutch and who knows how many in the following. I sold two of the adults, but still have a pair. I should probably separate them. 😄 

Angelfish juvenilles - I'm down to just my "culls", having sold the rest to local buyers and adding a few favorites to the 90g.

Endler Guppies - I moved most of my endler colony to the rack to give my shrimp some room to grow. Ugh, disaster here. About a month later, I came in one day to find a dead fish with no obvious sign of illness. I removed it and did a 50% water change. The next day, the entire tank was dead. Whatever happened here also happened to my male hybrid endler/guppy tank a week later. Luckily, I failed at actually netting out all of the females and fry from my shrimp tank, and now there are 40+ in there again, but I lost my best boys for sure.

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Well, I really cut back on my forum usage with parenthood. Here are a handful of recent photos. Need to get a photo of the 90g and shrimp riparium. The 150g is being rescaped.

10g Endlers


29g with a rescue danio


Wife's betta tank


Living room 75g




Tank racks. Have some growout Madagascar Rainbows and SRBPs. 10g's are shut down as we are preparing for a long summer trip.


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