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Power head wave maker required?


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I have my 150 gallon, with a sump.  I also have two large sponge filters in the back corners of the tank AND run an air stone under the bio media in the sump to aerate the bio media.

I have the returns pointed to the back middle and down a bit.  |»   «|   I do this to create heavy water flow in the back edge of the tank so waste does not build up in an area that is hard to clean.  That with the sponge filters in the back corner help keep the back area cleaner.  I made sure by paying close attention on how much I pick up when I vacuum the back area.   Its a Discus tank so they don't like a lot of water flow.

Should I have a Wave Maker for the big middle area of the water surface area which is calm?  

All fish are fine right now but I plan on adding more, a few of them bigger ones.


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If the discus dont like the flow I'm not sure adding something in to increase flow is a good idea.  From what you are saying everything is more than adequately filtered and aerated.  I would only add flow if the fish required it and there was a need for filtration reasons.

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