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Mystery worms in floating plants.


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If you think you know what type of worms these are please let us know. I posted a short youtube video at the bottom of this post.

I netted some floating plants out of one of my tanks tonight and then set it over a container so that it didnt drip all over my desk. Later when i went to dump the net out i realized the net had strained all of these worms out of the floating plants ans down into the container seeking water.

I have no idea what type of worms these are. Apparently they were living in the roots of the floating plants i would assume eating the detritus that is caught there.

Anyway they are pretty interesting and actively seek out bits of floating plants when i added them to the container.

Im wondering if i should add them back into my tank or not. They seem like they would be a great live food source for small fish. Let me know what you think i should do.

Aquarium Mystery Worms Video - Youtube 


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Looks like some kind of detritus worms as you suspect if they are long round and wiggly. They do their part to clean as I understand.

I assume fish would eat them given a chance. Whatever tank they're from, it seems unlikely that you removed every single one, so you don't really need to add them back unless you actively want to try feeding something.

Their population should ideally balance with the rest of the tank. 


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