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Fungus/mold in mid-cycle tank?


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This is my first aquarium, and I am a week and a half into cycling my tank with only plants when I noticed this afternoon some ghostly, globby semi-transparent white blobs on the gravel, as well as on the pipe of my pump! I can't figure out if it's a fungus or mold, and if it's dangerous. Do I need to get rid of it? Will it magically go away all on its own? If I should clean it out, what's the best way to do it without spreading the spores/little bits around, and without potentially setting back my cycling?

I have a low tech 15 gallon fluval flex, so there is a sponge filter in the back section along with a pump in the compartment right next to it (the pipe of which has what I think is the same blobs on it--almost looks like wet tissue?). It's stocked with 9 java ferns, 3 bacopa, and 6 dwarf sag. Decorations are driftwood with some christmas moss tied on, and a couple terracotta shrimp hides. I have small-medium gravel for my substrate, and I added in Seachem Flourish root tabs for the dwarf sag and the bacopa the other day. I haven't done any liquid fertilizer yet. Temp is a steady 80F (my apartment is a bit warm in the summer, and I haven't had a chance to try cooling the water temp down yet). 

I really appreciate any help! Googling has been quite confusing and my LFS is closed until next weekend 😭







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Yep...this is a good sign showing your cycle is progressing quite normally.  If there is any of that left when you add fish they will gobble it all up.  Stay the course and before you know it...like @Keneluded to...you will get the the diatom stage....dont freak!....BTW  dont worry about those either😉

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