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I think my crinim calamistratum may be a mommy

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I was watching an Aquarium coop video as background noise the other day and some one had asked about how to propagate aquarium lily's or something like that.  It intrigued me and I started looking into it, didn't really find anything out about dwarf aquarium lily's but i did read about something called Scaling, some bulb plants have scales that you can peel off to propagate the plant or something, i didn't read too much into it.

Might be related to what is happening with your plant.

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On 7/15/2020 at 4:56 PM, Hamaquatics said:

Looking at my 55 gallon tank, I noticed something about my Crinim Calamistratum, there looks like a baby plant may be growing.

How long should I wait to separate them and how do I separate them? Do they just pull apart from each other?




Those are definitely new plants. I would wait until they get larger before propagating. In my experience the best way to propagate is to pull out the entire plant and gently remove the small ones with their roots intact. you could try gently removing the smaller ones without uprooting the plant when they get a bit bigger. Unless I'm tearing down a tank I generally leave the smaller ones, that way you get a bushier Crinum.

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