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Hello all....


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I have been in and out of the aquarium hobby for most of my adult life. My new setup is:

75 gallon (48 long)

Marineland 360 canister filter

Fluval 3.0 light

-heater, lilipipes, thermometer,  air pump with two airstones on high for the time being. 

I have had the tank up for a little over a week cycling with plants, but no fish as of yet. I am using eco complete substrate, dragonstone hardscape, and two bonsai ornaments. I plan to add some driftwood  in the future. Presently the aquarium is planted and I am waiting for water quality to stabilize before I start to add fish. I still have some floating plants that need to be placed in the photo. The skeleton legs in the upper left are my daughters contribution.. I look forward to getting advise from the forum as I start this tank.



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On 9/13/2021 at 12:04 AM, Keeg said:

Welcome to the forum! Beautiful scape and tank, any ideas for stocking?

My daughter wants Kuhli loaches so it looks like a community tank.

otocinclus catfish

Yo Yo loaches (have snails for some reason)

Roseline Shark

Galaxy Rasbora

Green Neon Tetra 

Clown Kill

Scarlet Badi


Some might be too big for the tank, so I will have to compromise. 

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