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Blue Leopard Cory fry


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Awesome, congrats again! You can hear the excitement in your voice when your talking about them.

like @Guppysnailasked where did you get that breeder box I absolutely have to get one.if you can’t say on here plz DM me. My wife is gonna start hating me be on here. It’s just new projects and products one after another.

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This is the one I got. It hangs on the main tank.  It has a floor that you can put in if you want to put say I pregnant guppy in it to have her fry and the babies drop thru the floor away from mom. It uses air to bring water into the box and overflow into the main tank.  You control how much air to use so you control the flow of water thru the box.  

When my Cory eggs were laid I hung it on the tank.  Did not connect air to the lift tube because I did not want water changing. I just wanted it to hold the eggs with Meth Blue.  I used an air stone to keep the water moving around the eggs. Once the eggs were hatched I started doing water changes by siphoning out half the water and turning on the air just enough to drip the water back into the chamber... When full  turned off the air lift.  I did that once a day until they were big enough that they couldnt fit thru the overflow gate which took about 10 days... These suckers were tiny.  Now they are basically in a 1/3 gallon tank all their own with cycled water flowing in and waste water flowing out.  They will stay there until they are big enough to join the rest of the colony. 

This is the medium. 5"x7"x5"  They also make a large 6"x11"x6" which I ordered already. Neither one were expensive by any means. 15-20 dollars

Please ask any questions you may have.  I do not endorse products but this thing is very nice in my opinion.




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