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white betta sick


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Hello.  i have a white betta, which actually is making it kinda hard to ID all the common illnesses since they all mention to look for something white or red lol.  I think he has fin rot.  currently he’s in a 3 gallon tank, will be moving him to 5 gallon once he’s healed, temp is 78, has sponge filter. Ph 6.8, no Nh3, nitrate, nitrite.  He doesn’t do much activity just hanging out in floating log.  i did one week of betta revive.  it seemed to help at first, after a week he started to get lethargic.  went to pet store to talk to probably unknowledgeable person, they recommended melafix.  did that for one week.  he seemed to be doing better and some of the fin root cleared a little.  a week later was seeming lethargic again.  this time I ordered erthyomyicin and ick fix.  (hasn’t arrived yet).  i decided to ask for some help so i’m not constantly guessing on what to do with Betta (3 yr old named him lol) and get him well and vibrant again.  oh he still has appetite but not as ferocious as before.

Thank you37C0D990-9E4F-4432-BA9B-109008FDF124.jpeg.ea40e39cfaef1227009136d515bcdd39.jpeg4E6BE231-85A5-4603-98B5-776AA11F97BA.jpeg.310446b8f509943dce4ed2d481004b59.jpegE7DB186C-B9C7-427B-90BD-97A1353BDCA6.jpeg.1e620acd0e6e021677cf8d1dffe2b4a2.jpegFA7852C0-C5A0-4452-AC0D-912F7045B770.jpeg.803386fc37cb9cd9ffb83dbb08ce7dbb.jpeg991F9773-6399-491C-A8C9-922F42E40D54.jpeg.c26a963488b7f5f39c9ac72acefcc4ed.jpeg37C0D990-9E4F-4432-BA9B-109008FDF124.jpeg.ea40e39cfaef1227009136d515bcdd39.jpegE7DB186C-B9C7-427B-90BD-97A1353BDCA6.jpeg.1e620acd0e6e021677cf8d1dffe2b4a2.jpeg

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Bettas usually become lethargic when fighting fin rot when there's an active infection What I would do is add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons the salt will help improve gill function and add essential electrolytes and do a course of maracyn when it arrives is he  still eating

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Ment to put 1 table spoon for 2 gallons
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