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Do fry born in QT need to stay in QT?


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On 9/11/2021 at 11:19 AM, CalmedByFish said:

I have new platies in quarantine. The quarantine tank is already a bit overstocked.

I woke up to platy fry, which I'll want to make sure are getting enough food. But I just started the first round of ParaCleanse, so I don't want to be doing frequent water changes. 

Could the fry carry any form of germs to a different tank if I move them?

I’d leave them in QT.

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Agreed with keeping them in the QT. Anything in QT should be kept in QT, especially in cases where they are exposed and you're treating. 

When it comes to livebearer fry I've had luck with tons of prepared foods, so frozen or live isn't required though they will provide the most nutrition and in turn the fastest growth. Crushed flake should be enough for them. 

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