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Long Question and Breeding pair of Discus


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I have a 150 Gallon community tank with Rainbows, Angles, Tetras and of course Discus.  I have a couple that decided to pair off and breed.  They picked a branch on the centerpiece spider wood in the tank and laid eggs.  However, as of yet, none have hatched.  They are on their 4th of 5th batch.  Question is, what should I do?  I really did not plan on becoming a breeder of discus.  It would require at least two more tanks, one for breeding and one to raise the fry in.  But I worry about the parents constantly laying eggs and nothing ever coming of it for them.  I want them happy but will being separated from the school and placed into a stark white small tank to breed be better?  Also, more tank mates are planned soon.  So there is that as well.  

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