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Letargic Angel Fishs


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Hi folks.

I've a community 45g tank where I have 3 Angel fishes among others. I've noticed since about 2 weeks ago that my angel fishes aren't swimming around as they used to. They mostly just stay still around the corners of the tank and vertically on the middle. I've measured ammonia, nitrate and nitrite and all is low. However, I'm sure there is something going on as the smaller angel fish died one week ago and this night a male sword tail fish died.

Any suggestion what this might be and/or what to check? I'll measure all parameters today again and do a water change and post the results here later..

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Ammonia and Nitrite should be zero, ideally. Nitrates should be measurable.

Any level of ammonia or nitrite can cause varying degrees of stress, illness, or worse.

If you can post specific parameters, including GH, KH, and PH, that may significantly help point towards a potential culprit causing the issue.

Also, please let us know how long the tank has been set up and operational.

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- pH: 7.6
- High Range pH: 8.2
- Ammonia: < 0.25ppm
- Nitrite: 0ppm
- Nitrate:  < 20ppm
- KH: 3-4 drops
- GH: 7-8 drops

Looks like the problem is the pH, what do you think? I ran out of CO2 and the pH raised a lot.

This tank has been running for about 1 year now, just recently I started having problem; right about the time I ran out of CO2!

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