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About Time!

Tom P

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About time I became a more active member of Aquarium Co-op's forum. Too easy to just sit back and watch everyone else contribute.

I am rejoining the aquarium hobby? after a 45yr absence. And wow, it has changed during my absence. The last tank I had was a 120 gallon freshwater tank that I had built into a divider wall, complete with all the necessary plumbing. I had everything from Clown Knives, Silver Dollars, Bala Sharks, Red Tail Sharks, Pleco (no idea what kind), Halfbeaks, Hatchets, Angels, and more. And somehow, they all got along. I wouldn't dare attempt that community today. 

We currently live in a senior facility that has a lot of restrictions, one of which is being restricted to a 20 gallon tank. However, due to my past experience and our being on the ground floor, they have made an exception and allowed me to have a "larger" tank. They haven't placed any restriction but the only wall space available and practical will only fit a 45 gallon - or a tank that is no more than a length of 36" with a width of approx 12". Anything longer interferes with thermostat/light switches and wider makes it difficult to walk past. I also have a 20g and 10g in another room that I have setup in smaller spaces. 

So, one of my main questions going forward will be what kind of fish I can have in a 45 gallon - currently a community tank. There are 12 Golden White Clouds, 2 German Gold Rams, 1 Koi Marble Angel, 2 Zebra Nerita Snails, & 1 Honey Dwarf Gourami. The biggest issue I am dealing with is tap water with hard tap water (300+, pH 8.2-8.4). I was able to acclimate all of these fish and they have survived from 4-8 wks. 

Where do I go from here? I would love to add something that would occupy the middle space. Do I try to acclimate other Rams? I did have Apistogrammas surviving in the 20g until I added Algaefix. I lost that pair plus 6 Otocinclus that I'd had for over 3 months. Lesson learned. I also realize that the Apistos love the bottom 1/4 of my tank but I did love the color that they added. 

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

45 Gallon , Fluval 307 Canister, Fluval UVC, Hygger 36" LED
20 Gallon, Tidal 35 HOB, Hygger 24" LED
10 Gallon Hygger Dual Sponge Filters, Hygger 18" LED

PS: I'm not paid by, receive any merchandise from, or advertise for Hygger - but I really love the quality of their products.



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Thanks for all the Welcomes! I probably spend way too much time watching Aquarium Co-op videos and this forum! So much to learn that wasn't available a long, long, long, long time ago 🤪. Looking forward to being a participant and not just a spectator. 

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You have more experience than I do, but I'm thinking livebearers would work with that water. I just got some dwarf red coral platies, and I like how easy they are to see from a distance. That's a nice perk. I think endlers are among the hardiest livebearers, and some colors of male are really pretty.

A lot of us have limitations on tank size for various reasons. You're not alone there! 

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