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Do Catappa Leaves Need to Be Boiled before being added to a Tank?

John Collins

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On 9/8/2021 at 5:31 PM, Fish Folk said:

I don’t boil Catappa leaves. They slowly break down, releasing some light tannins, and Humic acid. I also float Rooibos tea bags sometimes after a water change on South American fish to add safe tannins — I just leave in for 24 hrs.

I was wondering…I have no experience with any kind of dark water tank.  In my day🙄 if your water wasn’t crystal clear you were doing something wrong lol.   
Are there different kinds of tannins for different types of fish?  

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You should not boil them. Even if you were to get any leaves even you walked out the door and got dried leaves and you were worried you would just Blanche them.  I agree with @Tihshho and several others about them being less affective. What is the reason you are using them for. I float the leaves and wait the 2-3 day until they sink or put them one of the vege clips 

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