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2 of 3 bamboo shrimp rarely fan.


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Recently took a stab at bamboo shrimp, purchased 3 at the co-op. 1 was fairly small and the other 2 quite large (2-2.5" maybe) My tank is 6 months old, lots of plants. I feed them 2-3 times per day with Repashy Soilent Green. I turn off the sponge filters for about 30 minutes after feeding.

I've had them for 20 days now. The smallest spends almost all its time on the powerhead, fanning. I have seen the larger two fan sometimes elsewhere in the tank but for the past week they've largely been hanging around in my java fern or under a lotus leaf, with their fans closed. Initially they picked the substrate a lot, but then they stopped and switched to fanning for a week, and then the past week they're just clinging to leaves and doing nothing.

This morning one of the big ones was on the powerhead with the smaller one, but it still had its fans closed. The little one was fanning away and the bigger kept fidgeting to different spots on the powerhead but never opened its fans.

Anything I can change for them? I've adjusted the powerhead and there are several areas of the tank which are getting decent flow (I can tell from observing suspended particulate matter). Maybe they're eating at night and hiding during the day? The tank has no aggressive species, I've never seen any fish bother them except swimming too close and spooking them purely by accident.

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