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I previously had a tub setup for overflow of shrimp culls as well as a place to put extra moss I had been tearing out of shrimp tanks. Since I've torn down the tub and it's out of the fish room and I was alerted to a new tenant that has decided to move in, a sub adult American Bullfrog. Honestly wouldn't have noticed it if my cats hadn't been sitting on the kitchen counter constantly staring out the window. Normally, since I do my best to keep them from counter surfing, and they have been pretty good about it, it was odd to see them making an effort to get back up to stare out the window. Per trying to see what the fuss was about, they seemed to have spotted the Bullfrog on the deck where the tub had been collecting rain. 

I'm used to seeing Gray's Treefrogs showing up in the spring and summer months, but a Bullfrog is new since the closest body of water is over a few miles away. Years ago I remember my Dad having an issue with one eating his goldfish babies and it hit me... I'm planning on tubbing next spring, am I just letting a new predator move in? 

Has anyone had an issue with Bullfrogs eating their tub stock? If so I'll have to capture and relocate this guy.

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