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Started Shallow, Getting In Deeper


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3E8AF53F-6D5A-43EB-A50B-DC52EF4F0267.jpeg.16c8e60498c2d8bb402be29771482e6a.jpegI started fish keeping with my girlfriend a few months ago by getting a 5 gallon for her bedroom. We were hooked into  enjoying this hobby right away. I came across co-op while researching different facets of aquarium keeping and am drawn to Cory and the community’s positive energy, combined experience, and passion for the hobby.

I enjoy learning about and experimenting with fish keeping, plant care, and aquascaping. I like the idea of using these disciplines synergistically to create an experience.

Recently I set up a 37 gallon for my room. I can lie to myself and say I’m not getting MTS because technically this is the first tank that’s owned by me and not my girlfriend. I look forward to spending hundreds of hours dreaming up ways to tweak things.A869D818-29DE-4F1D-9117-2019C64F3D65.jpeg.ccc5e3e4cdbda3b1ac2128198842fd76.jpeg90DD86D9-B9DD-451F-944E-90746B07A55A.jpeg.702e958ff860de690db1b1f49f0c3392.jpeg

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