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Salt and Plants

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I was wondering if anyone has had much experience with the actual effects of aquarium salt treatments on aquatic plants?

I ask because I like to use salt for most issues if possible as it has been safe, effective and doesn't damage the bio-filter.

My trepidation is born of inexperience with live plants in my tanks. I have naturally had issues where I'd use the AQ salt up to 1tbps/gallon when I had an ich outbreak or some fish had injuries and I've never suffered a negative reaction. Even plecos that I've had for many years seem indifferent to the salt, at least for the short term.

I should qualify that at least for a couple of weeks in the tank, salt seems to not trouble them though I don't think I've used it for longer than a 2-3 week period.  If you post this question in many forums, you'll be deluged with litany of  "pleco killing alarms" which frankly has never proved to be the case with mine. But with plants, I'm at sea if you will.

So I was wondering just how detrimental a salt treatment would be to most aquarium plants and for how long would the salt need to be in the tank to actually damage or kill the plants?

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