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I kept fish from 1997-2005.  I had FW stingrays, african cichlids, a fish-only SW tank, etc.  Then I moved, downsized dramatically and all the big tanks had to go.  I ended up dropping out of the hobby altogether.

In 2019 I decided to jump back in.  I began watching youtube videos to catch up on all the advances over the intervening 14 years.

So, ya, lights are a lot better (LEDs) and impossibly, heaters seem to be worse.  Planted tanks and shrimp are everywhere!

I started with a 150G discus tank.  And of course that needs a quarantine tank.  And there are some smaller, cooler water species I'd like to keep.  And... so now I'm up to 4 tanks and an outdoor tub, and planning more.

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