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Is stress coat+ safe to use while dosing ick x?


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On 9/6/2021 at 1:54 PM, Nourhan said:

On the ick x bottle it says dont use conditioners with sulfinate or sulfoxylate. Was wondering if stres coat+ had any of these ingredients? Also are maracyn and paracleanse safe to use with stress coat? And can I use fluval biomax with ich x, fritz maracyn, and fritz paracleanse? Thank you image.gif.6ec7852ef8ef3125e54b113bbb8213d5.gif

Here is my guess: any water conditioner with an odor has a “sulfinate” or “sulfoxylate.” So… avoid Prime, or Fritz Complete. In my experience, API Water Conditioners do _not_ have that odor. So I would assume it’s Ok. I can’t remember if @Hobbit has a background in chemistry, but I’d welcome others weighing in. I _suspect_ Stress Coat is Ok to use. Not certain, but leaning that way. I struggled to find active ingredients list online. If you have a bottle, just check it out.

Yes, maracyn and paracleanse should work fine with Stress Coat.

With biomax rings, as I understand, they create context for colonies of aerobic bacteria to grow. If they are well-established, then a maracyn treatment should not completely wipe the bacteria out. You might consider adding some Fritzyme 7 at the end of your maracyn treatment (after all maracyn is completely administered). 

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Thank you for the info! I agree with u on the odor, prime definitely has a sulfur smell and I notice api stress coat doesn't. I reached out to api and hopefully they can give some answers. I checked on the bottle and I didn't see any ingredients other than oleo written in the name which was no help. I hope they can get to me asap cause I need to dose the tank tomrrow

as for your last note, can I use any bacteria starter like api quick start or safe start instead of fritzym after meds treatment? I don't have fritzym at my LFS.

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