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No bath for me this week... cause I've got driftwood soaking!


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Found a great root on the on the river bank on my walk this morning.  Heavy as heck,  so I thought probably water logged, bonus.  Took 3 of us to  walk it home before I cut it.  Good neighbours are priceless!  Hacked it up, took a wire brush and hose to it, and voila I'm pretty impressed!  Soaking in the tub, will dump in enough salt to kill and then pour some boiling water over.  

The LFS had same size pieces of imported wood and wanted $187 each for them, I'm pretty happy with mine and have never had any this large before.  :classic_biggrin:  The creek was dry and I think it was washed ashore or someone pulled it in for me!

Cotton Wood Creek.jpg

IMG_3759 2.JPG



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