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Parasite? Tumor?


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I saw this guy has a black bump. A few weeks ago a CPD had a lump that was like a sore and it died in QT. 

shiuld I treat the whole tank with paraclense? Keep this one out and in a QT tank or with the others as I treat the main tank?


tanks has amano shrimp, CPDs, nerites, and plants. Only new additions were some plants a month or two ago. 

everting is healthy and active. 

water is 0 amonia, 0 nitrites, 20ppm nitrate, 8.0-8.2, hard water, 72F. 




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He is eating fine and very active. Nothing unusual about his behavior. I was able to get a better look and it appears to be a growth of some kind. 

I’ll keep him separate for now. Think it could be contagious (infection or such) that my plant grow tank would be unsafe?

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I have had in a QT setup for the last 10 days, with salt added for the last week. The spot/growth is bigger. It is now more like a round bubble, grayish, and does not look like a living thing (fish lice). Definitely not a sore/wound. 


It has definitely lost its color, but I'd guess thats as much to do with being in the pretty bare QT tank. I don't want to risk the other fish in the tank, but not sure how long to keep it isolated. Its a white cloud so a life along in a tank isn't good. 

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