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So after following many other people's threads and journals I've decided that I would make my own. 

Currently I have 2 fish tanks:

40 gallon bowfront

So I've had this tank for almost 2 years now and it was also my first aquarium. It was a present on my 13th birthday. 

The current stock is 11 harlequin rasboras, 12 cherry barbs, 6 golden white clouds, a male bristle nose pleco and one male guppy. IMG_20210904_202446.jpg.37651acc92bf8d5e7495e3be4c00b9e6.jpg

I'm hoping that the val and crypts will fill in more as time goes on as I quite like the look of jungle tanks. 

5 gallon fluval spec

My spec has been set up for around half a year. 

Currently it only houses one female guppy however I hope on adding cherry shrimp soon. IMG_20210904_202501.jpg.570de609299f8333fbccf57f4d293d93.jpg

Both of the guppies are left over from when I had a guppy colony which I split by gender to avoid having any more. 


Over the summer I kept 6 golden white clouds in a approximately 15-20 gallon tub. Now I have moved them back inside along with most of the plants as temps were dropping and it wasn't very sunny anymore. I plan on adding the whiteclouds to the 40 gal after quarantine. The water lettuce and pond weed (not sure of its proper name) are now in both tanks and I'm really enjoying the look of them. 

I'm going to try fiddling around to get some better fish pictures which I'll post alongside with any updates. 


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@ChemBob sadly British weather hasn't been this great this year. Although I could have deffinately kept them out for longer temp wise, it wasn't very sunny anymore so my solar powered air pump wasn't working great anymore. Also once I had removed all the plants I noticed that there didn't seem to be anymore larvae/bugs in there and the white clouds were looking quite thin!

Hopefully it'll work with the shrimp as my water is quite hard which apparently is what they need. 

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@Max G yes exactly, they get a nice blue iridescence to them! For peppered corydoras, I would recommend feeding them lots of blood worms and tubifex worms to get them to spawn, but I agree, baby corys are awesome. I recently got some pygmy corys and they are like permanent baby corys haha some of my baby sterbai corys are bigger than the pygmy corys haha

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Well I've put this of for a bit now so it's time for an update I never thought I would never have to do. 

On the 9th (which is also my bday) I woke up about an hour earlier than usual, then went to check on the fish. As I walked in there were loads of fish floating at the top and lying on the substrate of the 40 gal. Somehow the heater malfunctioned on temps were over 100 F. 

I moved the whiteclouds from the quarantine tub into the spec, and then all the fish from the 40g into the quarantine tub. Not sure what I would've done if I didn't have other tanks. 

28/40 fish didn't make it. 

5/12 cherry barbs made it

6/9 corys made it

The bn pleco also survived (thank god) 

All harlequins, whiteclouds and the guppy didn't make it.  😢

Since I've only had the heater for half a year I went to the lfs and got a new one as the heater had a warranty. 

I have no idea what I'll  do now but I'll prob add all the fish back in soon once the I've dialed in the new heater. 

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