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tore dwarf aquarium lily from bulb

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Depending on the lily you might be ok. Some lilies actually will generate daughter plants from the tuber/bulb that they were growing off of, so if the root structure is still there you can just plant the roots (not the stems) and the plant should continue to grow if there are nutrients. If there were no roots and the leaves were directly growing from the bulb, then you might have to start over or at least wait for the bulb to generate new growth.

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On 9/2/2021 at 10:25 PM, Craziiininja said:

No the stems have huge roots they just tore off the bulb when i was uprooting it 

You're fine to plant it then. You'll notice the plant itself generate its own bulb overtime. The old bulb will also start to generate another plant, so don't throw it away just yet.

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Yes, plant the rooted portion that got tore off. Keep the bulb in the tank as long as it isn’t soft (or out in another tank). If it’s soft, it’s began to rot and a fresh bulb is highly recommend. I have had my dwarf lily bulb a little over a year and have pulled probably 5 plants from it in that time. After the third plant, I had to move. At that point, it was back to bare bulb again and stayed dormant in a bucket of water for about 2-3 months, unheated, in about 60 degree water, that was about 9 months ago. Now, it’s been in its new tank since then and I just pulled a plant from the bulb. It already has 7-9 half-inch leaves sprouting.

if you have a nice healthy bulb, they will generate plants indefinitely as long as the bulb stays viable. 

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