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Fully freshwater pufferfish for a 15 gallon to a 20


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Can you clarify something, are you talking about a 20 long or a 20 high for the tank? If you're limited to the floor print of a 15 or a 20H, then a 20H would be ideal because of the additional volume it holds due to how messy puffers are and the heavy waste they produce. If you can fit the floor print of a 20L then that would be the best option overall. The additional 6" of the tank gives a better floor print so that the puffers can establish their territories and options for broken lines of sight. Not only that the 20L is more shallow and will be a bit easier when it comes to lighting when you start to plant the aquarium if you choose to, unless you're using other decor.

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In terms of bigger you're very limited. I've kept two variants of the Red Eye Puffers (T. Irrubesco and T. Lorteti) and spawned one of them in 20L's before but they are not common and can be very aggressive with one another. People have made comments about male Dwarf Puffers/Pea Puffers grabbing and shaking other puffer tankmates, the Red Eyes will grab and rip chunks out of one another if there are not enough broken lines of site or if there are too many males. Red Eye's area a little harder to find now and I wouldn't recommend them in anything less than a 40B. The next small puffer is the South American Puffer (C. Asellus) and these guys do best in fairly decent sized schools (6-8+.) They are very active swimmers and less dopey and sedentary, so I wouldn't recommend them in any thing less than a 40 breeder, but ideally something that is 4' to give them the room to zip around.

Puffers in general are very messy fish, on top of that compounded with their demeanors smaller tanks are not ideal for them. After the puffers I've mentioned you're talking about the various Congo Puffers, various Target Puffers, lurker species of Puffers, then into the big big ones like the Fahaka's and Mbu's.  Your best bet if you want the personality and you're limited to tank size are the Dwarfs/Pea Puffers and even then your stocking will vary depending on the personalities of the individuals you pick up. Stocking them as a group of juveniles tend to make it a little easier to keep a group, but even then you may end up having to pull some aggressive individuals to rehome. 

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