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I had a small handful of both gold and standard mixed in a 110 gallon tub for about 4 months. What I ended up with was about 75 (mostly standard, and some gold) Whiteclouds. They were moved inside after temperatures outside dropped high 30s- low 40s and are breeding again. Nothing really interesting so far, just one or the other, but they're all very nice looking 🙂

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Thanks for the confirmation! These fish, plants, and wood pieces were all outside in my three tubs, but most of them were very young, except a few that I moved from an indoor aquarium. I didn't get any reproduction outside except for shrimp, snails, and floating plants. I just started this tank, moved everything in, and everyone together.

I'm really excited to see what happens next, since I have only bred shrimp. These are at the house of my long-retired parents, 40 minutes away. How should I instruct my folks on feeding for this? They have Xtreme Nano and Easy Fry, but I am willing to get other stuff.

I did bring back some floating plants from that tank to my apartment, and maybe they have some eggs too.




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