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New to us Pond, What now?


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HI All! 

We just moved from the Seattle area to North Carolina!! We were unable to take our aquarium with us, but I was able to give my set up to a fellow aquarist in our neighborhood. Anyway, when we bought our house there was this little pond set up. I stuck my hand in it yesterday to put an inadequate pump in it, and it's pretty fowl in there. So I'm thinking I need to dump it and start fresh? Or what? It needs some kind of pump, the pump I bought only works in direct sunlight, and I think it is way too small anyway. Can I save this and put fish in it? How should I approach this? 
We're still unpacking for the rest of the house, so it's going to be a bit to set up the rest of the aquariums. 

It needs a pump, does it need a filter? Can I just throw fish in? 


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Ponds can do very well with plants and no pump or filter. Those plants look healthy so it might be fish ready now, testing with ACO test strips or the API test kit would be a more definitive way to tell. That being said, since you're new to this pond, running an air line out there with and air stone for a while to make sure everything is oxygenated and the biological cycle is fully up and running before fish wouldn't hurt and may help.

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