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Betta and fish in cycle /crashed cycle

Karen B.

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Due to a bunch of unforeseen event, this week I will change my HOB Aqueon quietflow 20 for an Aqueon quietflow 30 in my 20 gallons. It has a sponge filter and a lot of plants so I hope it won’t crash my cycle. 
At the same time, I had to completely disinfect my 10 gallons(that wasn’t planned). The filter wasn’t working properly anymore so I threw it away including the media, I have to boil the substrate, throw away the sponge filter. It’s clear that it won’t be cycled anymore. It will house a betta that will be coming much sooner then expected (next monday)

So I will move my quietflow 20 to the 10 gallons (with its media) and it will run about 5 days before I get the betta. Hopefully it kickstart the cycle a little bit?

Do you think both my 20 and 10 gallons will be ok? I won’t feed my betta for the first week and will do the med trio quarantine so the bioload should be low.

For the 20 gallons, I do have a little bit too many fish (1 honey gourami, 9 chili Rasboras, 8 false julii cory, 5 otocinclus and 3 nerita snails).  If I monitor closely, add prime, and I also bought the fritz 7 product, do you think I should be alright? Any tips and suggestions welcomed…

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I would personally move the filter uncleaned to the 10 with only a small bit of the original media and use the rest of the cycled  media in the new filer essentially splitting the Ben bac. And monitor and water change as needed. Good luck. I know unfortunate things happen 

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