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Almond leave question


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Today, I watched video on Almond leaves on cory's channel.

I have Almond leaves and I usually cut the big leaves into about 3 inch x 3 inch and put one piece in 10 gallon tank for shrimp, and 2 pieces for 75 gallon community tank.

I knew the leave had anti bacterial/fungal property from several videos from different youtubers as well but, are there any specific number of or size of leaves to put in say 10 gallon tank to get maximum benefit from the leaves? Am I putting too little to get the property out from the leave if I put quarter  of one leave that is about 3 inch x 3 inch size in my 10 gallon?

Also, some of guppy in my quarantine tank got nipped by aggressive guppy and now I removed the aggressive nipper out from that tank and put her in other tank and let the stress level lower for those who got nipped by her.The guppies with fin damage are in aquarium salted tank and I can see one of them started growing back the tail and doing good but in the Cory's video today, it said adding almond leaves in those situation is also good. So, I am thinking about adding them and see what happen after  a week later but how long can I keep the guppy only quarantine tank with almond leave?If it had shrimp, shrimp can eat them but since quarantine tank, only guppies are there.Do I pull it out and toss it after 1 week usage?How big leave I should use for that quarantine 10 gallon tank with fin damage recovering guppies?

Thank you.

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in my 17 gal "blackwater" apisto breeding tank I add a good handful of live oak leaves i bought online and then probably 5-7 almond/mangrove leaves. I replenish about once a month give or take a week depending on the decomp of the leaves. I leave all the leaves in to decay and just add as needed. I also use botanicals like seed pods for breeding and looks everything breaks down eventually. My fish love it, the tetras eat off of them and go through them and the apistos love all of it.

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