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I’m curious about toys for the fish in my aquarium, so they don’t get too bored. 
(here as I stumbled upon your vacuum video…wonderful) 

I have 10 fish in a 25G tank. 
(3 tetras, 3 guppies, 1 mollie, idk what the yellow one is 😂, and idk what the orange one is either Hahhaha) I forgot the rainbow one hahaha omg 😱 

I also have a frog… it’s name is Rene. 
Also, I think I need more pebbles for the bottom? 

I have had these fish for 1 month.  When should I clean the bottom? 

thank you. 





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Something I learned the hard way: Keep tabs on your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Letting poo and uneaten food collect will raise them. (I know it might be obvious, but I can't be the only one who had to be told. 😂) Plants do help with that though, and floating plants are the most no-brainer to take care of.

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The tank looks good! I have chickens as well and I’ve learned that both fish and chickens have a pecking order. The ones at the top will push around the ones at the bottom. Boredom can cause more bullying, but another thing you can do (for fish) is make sure they have enough secluded spots to get away from the bully. You have a good amount of plants, so you could add a few more or move the ones you have to create different “zones.” That way the bully might pick a zone and defend it, rather than defending the whole tank.

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