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Bettafish male is building bubble nest


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If your wanting to breed bettas I would say yes go for it. However there are lots of complications you have to keep in mind with breeding bettas, like how will you keep the fry? You'll have to house them sepertley as they mature which can take up a lot of room. If your interested in breeding bettas, and your a member of the aquarium co-op channel (only $5 a month) I would suggest to watch this presentation about breeding bettas:


Personally I wouldn't get a female, I read that if a betta makes a bubbles nest it means their happy. Breeding bettas brings in so many expenses you may not be ready for. Plus you'll have to find homes for all the baby fish, which can be very difficult. Depending on the spawn I've heard anywhere between 10 - 100 baby bettas.


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