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How long it takes for popeye to heal?

Liliana Araoz

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Well, I got this betta for my 20 gallon long tank. One day later I notice he has an eye swollen, so I treated for Pop eye for 3 days with Maracyn. Question is, how long it takes for it to go away? How do I know the treatment is working? 
Please send me your best advice... I’d appreciate the help.

Should I treat again? This is him today after one week, the swelling doesn’t seem to be gone and I am not sure if it has increased. Also haven’t been able to find out online how long it takes to see any improvement.

Water parameters 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrites, around 5 nitrates. Planted tank.  Last water change was 2 days ago around 50%  I keep him at 79 F

He’s been very active the entire time, btw. I’ve been feeding him bug bites, and frozen food. 




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On 9/27/2020 at 1:05 PM, Struggle said:

If I remember correctly it took about 10 days for my killifish’s pop eye to completely heal with Maracyn. I followed the directions on the package and I wish you the best of luck!

Did you dose Maracyn for the 10 days? I've been reading that I could even take months to heal... I have no idea how to do or how to proceed, for now I am gonna do the 5 day treatment. I've also read about epsom salt baths, I hope someone can tell me more on this, it's the first time I treat this type of disease.

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Update on the popeye...

After 2 rounds of Maracyn, with one day in between treatments like the box says, he still has unilateral popeye (check his left eye in pics below), no cloudiness, he's very energetic and shows appetite. I read a lot about epsom salt, I've been giving him 15 min epsom salt baths, dissolved 1 tbsp in 1g of his own tank water, then I put him back, I've been doing this for 5 days now, the eye does not look as swollen as before, but it is still swollen. 

If anyone could help me about what to do now? should I just leave him alone and see if it heals by himself? I've been doing weekly water changes to keep the tank as clean as possible. I attached a pic from 9 days ago or so for comparison.





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This could be a case where there is a fatty tumor behind the eye. In which meds won't do anything and it wouldn't be fatal or anything. It's hard to know with fish unfortunately. If activity level is good and water parameters are good. As long as it's not progressing just give it time and see what happens. 

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