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History thread

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Hi all, thought this would be a more interesting extension of the "any other history buffs on the forum" thread. This thread I felt would serve as a place for those on this forum to share new or exiting historical information, resources, and anything else history related. And the title history thread is much more open to discussion then are there any other... 


As always keep the rules of the forum in mind, as fascinating as old photos from past battles are they may not be completely appropriate to all people on this forum. Also please be respectful and thoughtful, thanks. 

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I thought I would start this thread off by asking the question of did the French revolution fail? Sure the revolution itself ended with napoleons coup. But it paired with the American revolution propelled new ideas and beliefs throughout the world, such as John lockes natural rights and the belief of popular sovereignty. These belief systems have fundamentally changed the modern world. I think that the French revolution failed as a governmental revolution, but I think it succeeded at least in the early days before the reign of terror. By revolutionizing the political beliefs of France and other European countries.  

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