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Hey Everyone!


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Hey everyone! Glad to have finally stumbled upon an active aquarium forum! I'm currently in the process of reworking my fish room and had been lurking for a bit to get some inspiration and work out some kinks of overall functionality within the space I've got and figured why not join into the madness.

When I purchased my home 4 years ago, one of the first big projects I gave myself was to turn one of the rooms in my basement into a fish room so the girlfriend wouldn't get too upset about MTS. I've been in the hobby for the past 25+ years and basically inherited this hobby from my Dad who himself inherited it from my Grandfather. Our taste in what we've kept over the years definitely were different, but I've somewhat made full circle and dipped my toes into everything and even picked up some of their previous pet projects. Like most I grew up with community tanks and 'assisted' with the tanks my Dad had until I was old enough to maintain my own. From there I branched out from simple planted community tanks out into oddballs where my passion for them grew over the years. I spent a good amount of time keeping and even breeding some freshwater puffer species, got into the hybrid world of imported Flower Horns (sorry to those who are not a fan) and worked with a few locals to provide imported strains in the US, dabbled in some ray species and have since moved away from larger species into inverts and smaller oddball species. I was fortunate enough in high school and throughout college to be able to assist in managing a brick and mortar LFS which enabled the hobby even more by having the keys to the kingdom when it came to stock lists for imports. 

Now that I've been detached from that industry for a good bit now, I've just been focusing on small hobby projects over the years and have been working with inverts mainly and now am looking to expand into something else with the additional tank space I have.

Since pictures are worth more than words, I've attached a few pictures of the fish room as it was being setup (mainly insulated) and DIY racks being assembled and tanks being added. I'll have to take some pictures of the room as of late as the temporary wire rack stands holding 10's have since been replaced with the same style DIY rack setup and now hold 20L's. The 10's were there just to hold fish while their new display tanks were being setup (upgraded from what they previously were) after the move. Some species I've been breeding with the new space have consisted of various Ancistrus, L134's (Leopard Frog Pleco), T. Ocellicauda (Peacock Gudeons), P. Luminatus Rainbows, H. Jerdoni (Moth Catfish), various livebearers, Neocardinia, and various oddball snail species.

One thing I should have done earlier was put a central air system in, and now that I've put it off for so long it's going to be a balancing act, but I'm going to be adding that in within the next month or so.

Stocking within the fish room currently is limited to just Neocardinia as I've dedicated a handful of the tanks to different color varieties and am producing them to sell to some LFS's that were previously getting some dodgy shrimp that never seemed to transition well for them after shipping. I just recently cleared out my 40 breeders from various pleco breeding projects and once the central air is loop is put in I'll be looking for ideas for some new breeding projects.

I look forward to chatting with everyone!





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On 8/29/2021 at 3:44 PM, Atitagain said:

Sounds like there’s gonna be a lot of interesting tanks in your room. Can’t wait to see and hear about them.

welcome to the forum!

I hope so, I've mainly set these tanks up to be simple to maintain (the shrimp ones a little bit more intensive) and am trying to get back into the grassroot days of simple breeder tanks. Getting away from substrate bottoms for fish centric breeder tanks definitely helps, and keeping planters in there to have some substrate and plants in there to help not only give broken lines of site, but also to aid in filtration though I do water changes almost too often on established tanks. 

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On 9/7/2021 at 6:18 PM, Jeff said:

Dang; that's A TON of room in your fish room! Are you setting up automatic water changes?


Not as much room as you'd expect. As for auto water changing, no I'm not. I don't keep a lot of similar species and when I do it's not always long term. I might work with SA based fish and once I breed them if I don't have strong ties to them or are after huge production I generally sell them off or trade them with other local hobbyists for a new project. Auto water change systems are ideal when you just want to pump water in and dump water out. Being able to have hands on in the tanks with being in their with the siphon gives me the opportunity to give the fish a once over while I'm in the tank rather than just look at them while feeding.

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