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What is a must have in your fishroom? Lists welcome


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A workbench and chair 

Desk lamp with magnifying lens


Spare parts (air valves, plumbing fittings, tubing, etc) 

A towel always within arms reach 

Turkey blaster, for siphoning out stuff without needing a length tubing 

The mixing bowls with a handle from Dollar Tree 


ACO algae sponges 

Rigid airline tubing 


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  • Concrete floors

  • Multiple dedicated power circuits from main service panel

  • 1 bazillion outlets

  • Backup battery and power generation capacity

  • Pythons, many furlongs of Pythons

  • Wide separate door to outside of house

  • More outlets especially in the ceiling

  • Multiple wired Ethernet connections

  • Fishroom is located on ground floor of house

  • Symmetrical internet fiber connection

  • Tool chests

  • Good natural lighting

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Extra sponge filters

Airline tubing and fittings

Back up pumps and heaters

Meds and conditioner

Trimming scissors/ferts/root tabs

Bags/tubs/5 gallon buckets

Master test kit/test strips

Turkey basters and pipettes


Lots of nets and siphons

Nitrate sucking plants (pothos, guppy grass, hornwort) 

BBS and live cultures



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Below I made a list of what you need. Basically it's what you would need for a normal tank times a billion, with some extra things. Good luck on your fish room!


Psychological Stuff you need:


Willingness to work on tanks


Material Goods:

Money (obviously)

Toothbrush/wire brush for hair algae



Clamps for hose

Buckets (tons of buckets)

Scissors (be warned...you will always lose them)



Shop Vac/way to pick up lots of water easily

Specimen Containers

A cart for fish food/maintenance

Several lengths of various diameter hosing


Python system

Razor blades for algae

Spare parts such as PVC, PVC glue, Air valves, air line, etc.

Emergency battery powered air pumps with battery pack

Spare tanks

Lots of outlets (if you are still in the building phase)


More Towels (I know I mentioned them before...)

Turkey basters for feeding

Measuring spoons/cups

Refrigerator for Fish food and water to drink

Totes for storage and organizing

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Forgot to elaborate on the list
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