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Adjustable HOB Filters


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Looking for recommendations for an adjustable HOB filter for a 125 gallon.  I have angelfish, emperor tetras and diamond tetras.  My filters are on the way out and I would like to replace them with new ones that don’t  have such a high water flow.  I’m having difficulty finding something and would appreciate recommendations.  

I do cover the intake tubes with foam sleeves to help with manual filtration and add extra surface area for BB.

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I really like the Seachem Tidal series also and will stick with them for now but there is one issue you should be aware of.   I have had more issues with impellers getting gunked up on the filter.   I'm not sure if it is filter design or if it is the fact they are filtering a heavy bioload goldfish tanks but the first filters impeller got gunky w/in 6 weeks and the second filter followed about 3-4 weeks later.   

What I like is the self priming, lift out tray, strurdy plastic casing and that the manufacturer doesn't try to sell you those wasteful disposable cartridges.  

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