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What is the best advice you have ever gotten?


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This story is too good not to repeat*.

When my said "Don't do it, son." But I did it anyway and put the baby sunfish in my 10 gallon aquarium with my lovely neon tetras.

I told dad, "Don't worry dad, neon tetras are the fastest fish in world!"

Turns out dad was right.

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The best advice I got was from a fish breeder. This breeder named Andy actually built my store. In his teens he worked at pet stores, after that he ran his own fish farm in California. After that he ran a big plant nursery. Then he became a bee keeper to produce honey. The thing that remained constant in all of those was "You have to touch nature every day" 

The lesson here was no amount of automation, chemicals, money could outdo a human who interacted with the subject every day. From what I can tell he is right, his fish that he supplied me were like no other, his plants were always crazy good. His tanks would pearl without co2 injection etc. 

I've found that if I put attention towards my tanks every day where I take dedicated time to observe, cull, trim, clean etc they do leagues better than just feeding and cleaning. 

Most people wouldn't know I attribute all of my success to Andy, he taught me many things in life in the 2 years it took to build the co-op, and the friendship after.

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I've been a gardener for 50 years and learned early on if something dies after I've given it my best efforts, not to get sentimental. Dig those suckers and  sickies out and plant more of what grows well. I approach my fish hobby the same. If a species doesn't do well with my conditions and efforts, find species that will thrive under my best efforts and collect those. I don't enjoy set backs but I do learn from them.

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