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Anyone keep freshwater pom pom crab(s)?


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I love inverts (particularly crabs) and the freshwater pom pom crab seems like the best option for me in a 25 gallon aquarium. 

Does anyone have experience keeping these critters? Having one vs several, tank mates, ideal foods etc.

I know they're supposed to be pretty peaceful omnivorous scavengers

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I had a Trio of them awhile back in a planted display. You have to be super careful with them, as I had one who would hang out at the top of a heater cable and found it a few times hanging onto the outside rim of the tank (not sure how it got around the glass lid with the plastic flashing laying on the cables.) Occasionally, I would see them either preying on bladder snails or even some damaged plant matter. Never saw them attempt to grab at the fish, but being a crab you'll never be 100% safe with them (unless we're talking about the Thai Micro Crabs in a tank without fry.) On the rare occasion I did see them holding onto a few young Neocaridina that when I pulled them from their claws were soft, so it seemed like they were hunting for shrimp that freshly molted.

I ended up rehoming them to a friend's tank as overtime they did a bit of digging which kept causing plants in certain areas to uproot. 

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