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Too many cherry shrimp


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I have not directly fed mine in 6 months they scavenge from fish and snails. And still way overpopulate. My lfs takes them and gives me credit but can’t take all of them.  I was considering listing in local mailers Craig’s list ebay etc as local pick up I would not trust myself mailing them.  I don’t know how it will workout but wanted to share the idea I had. 

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Too many is kind of a perspective thing, without tank details, like size, how is it planted are there fish in there?

The upside with shrimp is that their bioload is really light. You can have a LOT of shrimp in a tank before if makes a difference. In an established tank they don't need much food. They kind of self regulate if the temps are lower and they just feed on biofilm and algae. Neos will only get their eggs fertilized when they molt.. so warmer temps (high 70s) extra food mean more molting.

Like was mentioned above, if you have high quality Bloody Marys, you should have no problems selling or giving them away.
Unless of course you live in an area like me, where the mention of Neos or shrimp just devolves into discussions about the Matrix movies or how expensive seafood is...

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