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Sick or Injured Betta


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You have a gorgeous crowntail (CT).

My mistakes having bettas in the desert were not keeping the humidity high enough in the "breathing" air for the betta. If I ever get another, I will follow Gianne's advice about saran wrap. 

CT are happiest at 82° - 84°. Anything below that is a stress that will slow recovery. Live daphnia is the fastest healing food I found.

In the live chat with Gianne, I asked if inbreeding is part of the issue with bettas health, and Gianne answered that she's moving into more wild varieties / plakat varieties because of the

1. Overbreeding for finnage that inhibits swimming (and breeding)

2. Health issues Screenshot_20191126-171427_Gallery.jpg.29f8c52a3f97067228b284bfb0478970.jpg

Kismet, at 4 years. 

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Hang in there @Streetwise. My half moon double tail floated on his side for nearly 3 months with swim bladder and fin rot. One day he was just upright and lightly swimming normal. He’s so much better now. Fins still coming in. Long road. Fingers still crossed. Your female has beautiful coloration!


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I am so sorry @Streetwise.

My bettas were the reason I invested in the pymeter: to maintain that 82° was impossible any other way. Sadly, I didn't learn about the pymeter (or Inkbird) until they had already been overly stressed, and I didn't know about keeping the air so humid.

When/if you get another, you will go into it with a lot more information, so you can have brand new learning opportunities!

I am sure you gave her the best life she could have hoped for, and that's the important part. 

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