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Sick or Injured Betta


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Please keep us updated!  I'm so sorry she's feeling poorly!!

I'd offer advice, but I don't have an amazing track record with sick bettas (currently 0/2...unless you count Pete scraping his head...then I'm 1/3).  Hopefully, the Furan-2 sets her right!  Swimming to you is super positive...as long as her activity remains relatively normal, that's a great sign!

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On 8/27/2021 at 1:21 PM, Streetwise said:

Thanks for all the help and kindness!

She is still alive and seems a little bit more upright. I just did the second dose. Would it be problematic if I am eyeballing the quantity for this small bucket?

I personally wouldn't risk it because I got shaky hands and lose count easily, I usually just premix and measure in an old milk jug to be safe, but your choice if you're confident in doing so. 

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Thanks @Colu@sudofish, and @Guppysnail!

While I am fairly experienced with organic soil tanks, and perhaps an advanced intermediate at FOWLR marine tanks, I have no problem admitting that I am a newbie with many things in the hobby, including treating fish. I am happy to have this community to help me learn!

Thank you.

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