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CO2 Recommendations for 250gallon system

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Bubble rate is irrelevant. You want to calculate pH drop from degassed to peak gassed. So you would take a pH about 30 minutes before lights on, then take a pH about mid way through your photoperiod. You want a 1 to 1.5 pH drop. That will be pretty close to 30ppm CO². 

You can also calculate CO² by testing KH and pH and use a CO² chart, however, pH drop is more accurate.

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No, so if you had a 10dKH tank, and say a 9pH degassed, you would want a 7.5 to 8pH while injecting.

Once you observe a 1pH drop, keep an eye on your fish. You can keep pushing a bite more but if they congregate at the surface, then back down just a smidge and you're there.

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