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Stared out like ich but now I’m not sure.


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I’ve had 5 ottos and a BN pleco in iso since 8/4. 4 days ago my BN had white spots all over. It was starting on the ottos too. I raised temp to 80 and started ich x treatment per the label. The ottos are already doing great (I did lose one). The pleco now looks like gold spots instead of white spots and its tail is frayed. 

Everyone is eating and active. 

pH 7.8

A 0

Ni 0

Na 5

kh 3

gh 7

Do I have two diseases going on?






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There's a possibility you have ich and epistylis  also it looks like your fish is starting with fin rot I would treat with kanaplex in food and you can use ick x with kanaplex as long as Kanaplex is added to there food it will help treat the fin rot and the possible epistylis 


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