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School me on Bolivian Rams!


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I have 6 Bolivian Rams coming from Aqua Huna on Friday that will go through the med trio in my QT tank. After quarantine they will move into my 75gl community tank that currently has nerite snails, Amano shrimp, ottos, ember tetras, a couple young swordtails and one bala shark. I currently keep the tank @ 76* but can warm it up if needed. 

I have been doing my research on the Bolivian Rams, but I would love to get your insight too!  Tell me all the things you know that I should know too! 

***Also, at what age or size do they start spawning?

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I've had 2 Bolivian Rams for about a year in a 29g tank with, 6 Oto's, 4 Yoyo Loaches, and what started out as 3 Bronze Cories that has now grown to 5 Bronze Cories by way of egg laying in my tank.

The Bolivian Rams will eat any baby fish that the Swordtails will give birth to.

Other than that, all I can say is raise your water temp to 85 degrees and keep it there, this temp will be more like the temp your fish would be used to in the wild, this temp will keep diseases at bay, and this temp will save you a bundle on fish meds.

Good luck with your Rams, I pretty much like mine and they seem to like my tank at 84.9 degrees, and all of my tanks are blackwater tanks. Blackwater is easy to make by adding a small amount of Peat pellets to your filter.



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