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Intro - my name is Michael


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Hello everyone!

I'm 41, my wife tells me I'm old (I'm not listening!)...  We started keeping fish Sept 2020, in part because we could (we came into a free 70G tank), and also, due to Covid, we were home schooling our sons - a 13 and 9 yr old.  From the schooling side of things, it gave us a habitat to take care of, and observe it's development over the past 11 months.  It's also been a good way to distract myself/relax while stuck at home a lot.

  Recently I bought a 180G tank, that I'm researching what I'm putting inside.  Might have been good if I realized how heavy that tank will be a little earlier.  Not a big problem, it'll have to go in my basement... I'm trying to sort out what I'll put in the tank.

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Welcome to the forum!

You tell your wife that age is just a number, but the higher the number, the more life experiences, the more knowledge, and the more wisdom a person allegedly has.

To keep those brain synapses firing well into later life, do crossword puzzles and crypto quotes.

As for your 180g tank, make it a blackwater tank by adding a few Peat pellets to your filter and add Discus after the tank has cycled.

Your sons are getting a great education with the 70g though you didn't mention what species of fish in it.

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Hi all,

  I read all of your comments to my wife!  Thanks everyone! 😄

  The 70G tank has 4 angelfish, 5 yoyo loaches, 5 doctor fish, 3 cardinal tetras (down from 8), 2 bristlenose plecos, and a plethora of tiny snails I didn't want, but picked up at some point (part of why we added loaches to the tank).  I know the tetras probably aren't happy in such a small group, but I'm thinking of replacing them with another schooling fish whenever they are gone (I hope that doesn't make me an awful fish keeper?)...

  I had a 2 minute video on my ipad that I was going to post of the 70G, but I gather I can't post video?  So here are 2 pics... 1 of Steve, the boy of our breeding pair of angels, with a batch of eggs on the anubius in the tank.  There is also an amazon sword, jungle val, java moss, and 1 other plant type I can't recall in the tank.  2nd pic is of Ozy our chonky cat watching the tank... we refer to the 70G as his TV...  lol

  In terms of conversation about the 180G, am I ok to post that here, or am I better doing that in general discussion, or elsewhere on the forum?


image1 (1).jpeg

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old? You are just a puppy yet! Or barely past fry stage depending on how you view it. 
You could do a journal in the photos journal section (I love reading them) if you breed you could write stuff there general is good for questions sick fishies questions are disease section. 
welcome (star belly sneeches are my favorite 😻)

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