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Discus Water Change question


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All the fish that were in my 60 gallon are now in the new 150.

The 60 gallon had a Fluval 407 canister filter and a large sponge filter.

All the fish did fine in the 60.  All I added to the new tank were 10 Rummy nose and 1 very small angle fish (about 1 inch).

With the 60 gallon I did 50% water changes every other day.

The 150 tank has a 50 gallon (75 gallon total) sump filter.  I did move some media over and used Fritz 7 to jump start the filter.  I also check water parameters daily to insure things are OK.

Finally the question after you have the back end information.

Do I still need to change 50% of the water every other day?  Can this be changed to twice a week?

It is a planted tank as well.

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