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Little help...Hello, I'm Jill


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I am a lady who lives in Sonoma county, California. I just recently got into this fish keeping hobby and so far it has been stressful. Right now I have a Monkey faced flowerhorn named Lil Spooky whom I adore; such a friendly and fast growing fish! As soon as I figure out how to upload a picture I will share it with yawl. 

Glad to be here...

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Hi Guppy Guy,

Before I introduced myself, late last night I posted in the disease section about the mess we are in...Quick recap...I moved Lil Spooky to a cycled 20g from a halfway cycled 54g because the nitrites were around 2ppm...She's pretty upset with me, and the reflection fish that looks exactly like her...

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Ok, I found the thread. I’ll just answer from there.

Welcome to the Coop Club!

Also, to upload a photo, at the bottom of the reply box, there is a button that says “add files”. From there, it will access your devices photos/files and you can select what you want. 

Happy fishkeeping!

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On 8/24/2021 at 6:47 PM, Atitagain said:

Welcome @moosepighope everything works out with Lil Spooky. There’s a lot of very helpful nerms on here.

Heyya Atitagain Lil help on the definition of nerms...??

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I think his name is not Mike..
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@moosepigits a phrase @Corycame up with in a live stream. He was trying to say normal or nerd and they kinda morfed together. Basically means in real life you seem normal then you expose yourself to the outside world how much of a fish nerd you are. 
check out the thread in the off topic section

Have you ever accidentally exposed yourself as a Nerm?

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