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Reverse Countdown Timer for filters/central air. Set time off with auto power on after duration.

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I was playing around and drew up this.

It lets you use an in wall timer of your choosing. These timers are usually for bathroom lights/exhaust fans. They are "on" for the duration picked supplying 120v power to a relay coil instead of a fan/light. The relay coil opens the normally closed contact that is powering the outlet(central air, canister, etc) After a set time the timer turns itself off deenergizing the coil which lets power back through to the outlet.

I will make one to test it out and try to show it working. Can be a safe way to turn off your central air to film or turn off your canister filter to feed baby brine shrimp. Never have to worry about forgetting to turn them back on. They will self power on after the time picked runs out.


reverse countdown timer.png

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