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30+ Young Home-bred German Blue Rams

Fish Folk

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I’ve been busy breeding a few German Blue Rams this summer. Finally, a batch of 30+ is enjoying their grow-out 20 gal. long with a school of Glowlight Pygmy Barbs.


They’re still fairly colorless and pale. But they are eating a wide variety of live, frozen, and dry good entrees. Colors should start showing in a month here.


As an amateur breeder, I’ve found that fish do well when raised up in a group like this. (“Power of the Ram is in the School” and whatnot)


Here is a short video. They’re small still. For reference, the scurrying Pygmy Barbs — immensely cool nano fish, by the way — are smaller than neon tetras. Enjoy!

Once they’re around 3-months old, they’ll be large enough to move in with the discus…


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