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Which Bucephalandra Is the Smallest?

Bev C

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Hello I have a wood branch  with Pointy branches  tips  I Had a tree want to redo the plant . i had moss  on it .. Java moss does not like  me it died i tried another moss no luck with that either   . I thought maybe some Bruce would work and look nice plus  &  it is doing well on my rocks .. but i want a smaller mini  bruce for the branch   then what i have on my rocks what kind of bruce is mini small ?  i have a Wavy Green on my rock 

When i used Java moss i cut sponge  to shape  it and glued the  moss on it &  spike the sponge with the tree branch   .. it looked very nice worked well but devil to clean the sponge when dirty i would have remove the moss and add to new sponge.

does any one have  idea what i could use for the tree branch point tips to shape the bruce  better or would  glue work on tip 

Any  help would be appreciated  than you 

 i saved a picture of the branch when bought it ..  it looks like this 



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I usually just glue my Buce pieces where I want them.  There are many, many varieties of Buce and each will grow a little differently depending on light, nutrients, etc.  The smallest I’ve got is a variety called Angel’s Tears.  I got it fairly recently so I’m not certain yet how big the leaves will come in once the tank has fully stabilized (it isn’t there, yet), but it came in with the leaves about 1/4” across.

The tank they’re in is only 2.1 gallons, the wood piece they’re attached to is about 7” long at the most.  I’ve pulled the snails already.  They were start up cleaning crew.  The white spots are from this piece of wood being in a tank with nerites before I got it.


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To add the bit about the spots.
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