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Finally "finished" my 150 gallon tank refurb


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Finally had a move in day!  I had to refurbish everything. 

The stand required sanding and paining.  I went with the distressed look as it matches our décor more then the more traditionally stained or solid wood coloring.

It has a new seamless sump system that operates with 55 gallons of water and has a total capacity of 75 gallons.  I have done multiple power failure tests to insure no issue.  I am using H2Overflows and Syphon Stopper returns both plumbed up with my custom plumbing.  I didn't want the large black overflows it came with as with the paint and plant the piping will disappear mostly over time.

1350 GPH return pump.  I might add a second for the just in case and peace of mind.

2 500 watt Vivosun heaters I wanted to be able to quickly heat the large water changes I do on a regular basis.  I like that these have a digital read out or target temp and current temp.  Shut off automatically if dry, has the adjustment for the temp on the outside of the tank/sump and the body is titanium so no glass breaking.

Using two Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters for the breaking of surface tension.  Might add a air stone in the sump to aerate the ceramic media.

Using two Fluval 3.0 I purchased from Aquarium Co-Op as well for lighting.  

Has a new upper brace and the old one was brittle from the halogen lights it had baking it.

New glass lids from Pets Mart.

Sub straight is Eco-Complete Red.

Spider wood Drift wood

Plants Various.  I will learn the names sooner or later.

Fish as as follows: (currently as more are planned)

5 dicus - 2 mated when in the old tank.  If this continues I will have to build a breeder tank.

3 Angle Fish - 2 older and much larger and a new guy

10 Rummy nose tetras

6 rainbow fish 4 males 2 females (at least with these fish you can tell the differance.

7 Celebes rainbow fish, 3 males and 4 females

2 gold nugget plecos

2 corydoras brevirostris - 6 more coming very soon.


So the soon to add are 

3 more dicus maybe 4.

4 more angle

6 more corys

6 loaches

and 2 rams.







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OK the left drain, which is closest to the sump entry is pretty much straight into the sump.  No cutoff valve as suggested by multiple people.  

The right drain slants down and has a cut off valve.

The return goes into a tee.  each tee goes into a check valve then a on off valve then into hose barb.  This piece will get redone once I get the second return pump.

The small tube going from the main sump into the reservoir keeps a little water flowing trough it.  I will add media in there to support anaerobic bacteria.  This will be the perfect place for it due to the low water flow.





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